6 tips for a winter-proof log cabin

Do you like spending time in your log cabin, enjoying a cup of afternoon tea? Wouldn’t it be nice to keep using your log cabin during the winter as well? If your log cabin is currently far from a cosy living area where to spend time with friends and family, read on to find out five easy tips on how to turn your log cabin into a winter-proof log cabin.

  1. Basic cleaning

First of all, the log cabin has to be cleaned from top to bottom and necessary repairs should be made. This gives you the opportunity to already do the spring cleaning before it actually is spring to have a comfortable atmosphere in your log cabin in winter.

  1. Insulation

If you want to use your log cabin as an extra living space all year round, then it is necessary to properly insulate it. There are different ways of insulating a timber structure, the easiest one is installing double glazed windows. However, to properly insulate you log cabin, it is necessary to invest in floor insulation, wall insulation, and roof insulation. Remember – a properly insulated log cabin is more energy efficient and cost-effective.

  1. Heating

The easiest options for heating a log cabin are electric radiators and electric stoves. Both are easy to use and don’t require regular maintenance or cleaning. However, if your log cabin has enough space and you want to turn it into a real winter haven, choose a wood burning stove. Of course, the installation of a wood burning stove will require extra planning and costs, but it is definitely worth it!

  1. Lighting

If you want to spend time in your log cabin during the winter, take care of proper lighting. First, think about the function of the room – what are you going to do in your log cabin. Accordingly, choose the right light bulbs for your log cabin, also paying attention to how energy-efficient they are!

  1. Staining

In the autumn and winter, your log cabin is exposed to adverse weather conditions (rain, snow, wind etc.). Therefore, it is important to treat it properly with a stain or other timber preservation treatment. In addition, you can paint the interior walls as well, to create a cosy atmosphere.

  1. Guttering

To turn your log cabin into a winter-proof timber structure, it is necessary to take care of the roof gutter before it starts to rain and snow. Roof gutters collect the water and divert it at all times, protecting from repeated dampening damage of wooden parts.

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