A log cabin garden guest house – the best accommodation solution for guests

Do you often host overnight guests in your home? And do you have to deal with having only a small space for them or no guest room at all? If you are living in a small home, where having guests can make you feel uncomfortable, but you still enjoy hosting your friends and family, you have to find a solution to the guest accommodation issue. In case if you have a garden, the easiest way to give your guests a little space is to set up a guest log cabin. This way you can give them a little privacy as well as keep your personal space for yourself. Could this be a suitable solution for you and your guests? Keep reading this article to find out how a log cabin guest house can ease hosting overnight guests!

The size

Before you head to a sales point to choose a log cabin you like, you have to consider the size of the log cabin for your guests. To find the perfect size for both your garden and your guests, first of all, evaluate the size of your garden. Do you have enough space for a multi-room log cabin or do you have to choose a single-room log cabin? Secondly, think over how many guests usually visit you at once and how long they stay. If you usually host a couple, a small log cabin will do, however, if you host more people at once, consider investing in a larger log cabin. The same applies to the time you guests spend at your house – if they stay longer, more space will be needed to make them comfortable.


Summer is the time when people tend to visit each other more often. However, if you have decided to set up a guest log cabin, make sure your guests will be able to stay there comfortably during the Christmas holidays as well. To turn your log cabin into one you can use all year long, you have to take care of the insulation and heating.  An insulated log cabin, equipped with an appropriate heating system, is going to be welcoming and cosy all year long.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a guest log cabin to give your guests a little privacy? Imagine no more chaos and mess at home while your friends and family are staying over! To find your perfect guest log cabin head to www.lugarde.com!