Choosing the right porch type: an open front porch vs. a porch with glass sliding walls

Have you considered attaching a porch to your home, to expand your living space outdoors? What type of porch do you prefer – an open porch or a screened porch with sliding glass walls? If you haven’t thought about the options you have, first of all, you must learn more about the types of verandas offered by manufacturers, and then evaluate what kind of timber structure – an open, or a partly closed one – do you need. Before you decide, read this article to find out which type of porch is more suitable for you!

An open front porch

An open porch with railings is a classic design that people choose to complement the house and to add some extra living space. What is the main advantage of such an open timber structure? It provides shelter from the sun and rain! Set up a cosy lounge area with a coffee table and lounge chairs and enjoy your garden regardless of the weather. Open design verandas are available with flat or apex roofs to allow the structure to perfectly blend into your property.  Whether you opt for a classic white porch or a porch with a more rustic appearance, it will make your house and garden look like brand new!

A porch with sliding glass walls

If you want to get a better protection from the rain and wind, as well as to be able to use the extension all year round, you have to opt for a porch with glass sliding walls. Thanks to the sliding glass walls, a screened porch is extremely versatile. Open the sliding glass walls when the weather is nice, to enjoy a cup of tea in the sun or close the doors when it’s raining. In fact, a porch with sliding glass walls is hardly even a porch at all – it’s more like a living room where you can bring all your family and friends together.

A bespoke design veranda

Do you want to design a bespoke porch to combine the best of the aforementioned porch types, creating a partly closed timber structure? Maybe you are looking for specific measurements, to make sure the porch fits your house perfectly? Choose the bespoke design option provided by manufacturers to create your own design that perfectly meets your needs and reflects your style!

If you want to give your home a makeover, while also creating extra living space, a porch is what you need! Whether you’re looking for an open porch or a porch with glass sliding walls, discover the range of luxury verandas at