Planning Permission for a Garden Building

Have you ever wanted to build a summer house, a log cabin or a wooden garage in your garden? Did you know that you might have to apply for a planning permission? Various types of garden buildings, including summer houses, log cabins and garages, are classified as outbuildings, therefore you have to consider a couple of limits and conditions before you purchase the garden building of your dreams. Do you want to proceed with your “garden makeover” without the need to apply for a planning permission? Read on to find out which criteria should be met to install a garden building without one.

When is planning permission for garden buildings not required?

You can extend your living space into your garden without applying for planning permission, as long as:

  • The maximum overall height of your garden building is less than 2,5m (the structure is situated within 2 m of the property boundary);
  • The maximum overall height of an apex roof garden building is 4m or 3m for a garden building with any other type of roof (the structure is situated more than 2 m from the property boundary);
  • The garden building is not larger than 50% of the total area of your garden;
  • The garden building is not used as overnight accommodation.

The aforementioned are the main criteria you have to keep in mind before planning your “garden makeover” or purchasing a new garden building. However, please note that planning permission regulation may vary between counties and municipalities. If you live in a conservation area you might need to receive a planning permission even for a garden building which meets the criteria described above. Therefore, to find out all the details we advise you to contact your local planning authority.

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