The perfect working space – a log cabin home office

What do you like the best about the idea of working from home? Saving on travel time and costs, maybe being away from the city or having a private workspace? While working from home has many advantages, it also poses some challenges – your work-life balance, for example. To create and maintain a healthy work-life balance the only thing you can really do is to separate your living and working spaces. If you have a spare room, you can set up an office at home, but if you don’t have a free space at home and you want to avoid any distractions – assemble a log cabin home office in your garden. If you want to learn more about the advantages of working from a garden office, keep reading this article!

Save time and money

If a commuter lifestyle is what makes you anxious and exhausted, maybe it’s the right time to consider the option to work remotely. In addition to mental health benefits, working from your own garden office can be quite beneficial in terms of saving the travel time and money. The sooner you start working remotely from your garden office, the sooner you can start to forget about the early mornings, late evenings and rush hour traffic. With a log cabin home office in your garden, you will also save you money on travel expenses, food, and coffee.

A sustainable home office

If it is important for you to support global sustainability and lessen your impact on the environment, choosing a log cabin home office is the right choice. Since timber is natural, reusable and recyclable, it is the most environment-friendly building product. Moreover, a timber structure is healthy to live and work in.

Timber is not only a sustainable building material but also a great choice for creating a relaxed workspace interior. The timber walls and wooden floors give the workspace a cosy yet productive atmosphere.

Use your garden office all year round

With a log cabin garden office, you can enjoy working from your garden all year round. A properly insulated garden office provides excellent working conditions in terms of temperature, humidity, and ventilation, and it’s more energy efficient as well. If you enjoy working from home, don’t quit it just because the temperature is dropping. Just take care of the insulation and heating for your garden office.

How do you feel about working remotely? Is it the right thing for you, but you need to work on a healthy work-life balance? Find your perfect garden office at