Wooden garden house – your personal wellness center

Would you like to transform the way you use your garden space? A garden house can help you to transform an unused corner of your garden into a snug and relaxing area for your family and friends. Whether you turn your garden house into a hobby room, an art studio or a wellness center, the time spent there to relax after a stressful week will be invaluable! If you are thinking about creating your personal wellness center, read on to find inspiration for the transformation of your garden.


One of the best ways how to get a great deal of health benefits from your garden house is to turn it into a sauna. An infrared sauna, a Finnish style sauna or a steam sauna – just choose the type of sauna which suits your preferences the best and turn your garden house into your own home spa. When turning your wooden garden building into a sauna, remember that it must be properly insulated to avoid significant heat loss.

Hot tub

Another great option how to turn your garden into a relaxing retreat is to install a hot tub. If you want to enjoy the hot tub all year round, you can place it under a canopy or install it into your garden house. When installing a hot tub into a wooden garden house, it is best to choose a garden house with glass sliding doors to fully enjoy the view of your garden. Can you imagine a better way to bring down your stress levels at home?

Indoor tanning bed in your garden house

In the summer you can enjoy sunbathing in your garden, but, when the summer ends, an indoor tanning bed or spray tanning equipment can help you to keep your tan for longer. To avoid reducing your living space at home, you can place an indoor tanning bed or all your tanning equipment in your garden house. It’s easy to create a home wellness center for your friends and family!

Would you like to place a sauna, a hot tub and an indoor tanning bed into a single garden house? It is possible! Take a look at https://www.lugarde.com/ and discover the endless possibilities of bespoke design garden houses.