Choosing the right porch type: an open front porch vs. a porch with glass sliding walls


Have you considered attaching a porch to your home, to expand your living space outdoors? What type of porch do you prefer – an open porch or a screened porch with sliding glass walls? If you haven’t thought about the options you have, first of all, you must learn more about the types of verandas offered by manufacturers, and then evaluate what kind of timber structure – an open, or a partly closed one – do you need. Before you decide, read this article to find out which type of porch is more suitable for you!

An open front porch

An open porch with railings is a classic design that people choose to complement the house and to add some extra living space. What is the main advantage of such an open timber structure? It provides shelter from the sun and rain! Set up a cosy lounge area with a coffee table and lounge chairs and enjoy your garden regardless of the weather. Open design verandas are available with flat or apex roofs to allow the structure to perfectly blend into your property.  Whether you opt for a classic white porch or a porch with a more rustic appearance, it will make your house and garden look like brand new!

A porch with sliding glass walls

If you want to get a better protection from the rain and wind, as well as to be able to use the extension all year round, you have to opt for a porch with glass sliding walls. Thanks to the sliding glass walls, a screened porch is extremely versatile. Open the sliding glass walls when the weather is nice, to enjoy a cup of tea in the sun or close the doors when it’s raining. In fact, a porch with sliding glass walls is hardly even a porch at all – it’s more like a living room where you can bring all your family and friends together.

A bespoke design veranda

Do you want to design a bespoke porch to combine the best of the aforementioned porch types, creating a partly closed timber structure? Maybe you are looking for specific measurements, to make sure the porch fits your house perfectly? Choose the bespoke design option provided by manufacturers to create your own design that perfectly meets your needs and reflects your style!

If you want to give your home a makeover, while also creating extra living space, a porch is what you need! Whether you’re looking for an open porch or a porch with glass sliding walls, discover the range of luxury verandas at

A log cabin garden guest house – the best accommodation solution for guests


Do you often host overnight guests in your home? And do you have to deal with having only a small space for them or no guest room at all? If you are living in a small home, where having guests can make you feel uncomfortable, but you still enjoy hosting your friends and family, you have to find a solution to the guest accommodation issue. In case if you have a garden, the easiest way to give your guests a little space is to set up a guest log cabin. This way you can give them a little privacy as well as keep your personal space for yourself. Could this be a suitable solution for you and your guests? Keep reading this article to find out how a log cabin guest house can ease hosting overnight guests!

The size

Before you head to a sales point to choose a log cabin you like, you have to consider the size of the log cabin for your guests. To find the perfect size for both your garden and your guests, first of all, evaluate the size of your garden. Do you have enough space for a multi-room log cabin or do you have to choose a single-room log cabin? Secondly, think over how many guests usually visit you at once and how long they stay. If you usually host a couple, a small log cabin will do, however, if you host more people at once, consider investing in a larger log cabin. The same applies to the time you guests spend at your house – if they stay longer, more space will be needed to make them comfortable.


Summer is the time when people tend to visit each other more often. However, if you have decided to set up a guest log cabin, make sure your guests will be able to stay there comfortably during the Christmas holidays as well. To turn your log cabin into one you can use all year long, you have to take care of the insulation and heating.  An insulated log cabin, equipped with an appropriate heating system, is going to be welcoming and cosy all year long.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a guest log cabin to give your guests a little privacy? Imagine no more chaos and mess at home while your friends and family are staying over! To find your perfect guest log cabin head to!

The perfect working space – a log cabin home office


What do you like the best about the idea of working from home? Saving on travel time and costs, maybe being away from the city or having a private workspace? While working from home has many advantages, it also poses some challenges – your work-life balance, for example. To create and maintain a healthy work-life balance the only thing you can really do is to separate your living and working spaces. If you have a spare room, you can set up an office at home, but if you don’t have a free space at home and you want to avoid any distractions – assemble a log cabin home office in your garden. If you want to learn more about the advantages of working from a garden office, keep reading this article!

Save time and money

If a commuter lifestyle is what makes you anxious and exhausted, maybe it’s the right time to consider the option to work remotely. In addition to mental health benefits, working from your own garden office can be quite beneficial in terms of saving the travel time and money. The sooner you start working remotely from your garden office, the sooner you can start to forget about the early mornings, late evenings and rush hour traffic. With a log cabin home office in your garden, you will also save you money on travel expenses, food, and coffee.

A sustainable home office

If it is important for you to support global sustainability and lessen your impact on the environment, choosing a log cabin home office is the right choice. Since timber is natural, reusable and recyclable, it is the most environment-friendly building product. Moreover, a timber structure is healthy to live and work in.

Timber is not only a sustainable building material but also a great choice for creating a relaxed workspace interior. The timber walls and wooden floors give the workspace a cosy yet productive atmosphere.

Use your garden office all year round

With a log cabin garden office, you can enjoy working from your garden all year round. A properly insulated garden office provides excellent working conditions in terms of temperature, humidity, and ventilation, and it’s more energy efficient as well. If you enjoy working from home, don’t quit it just because the temperature is dropping. Just take care of the insulation and heating for your garden office.

How do you feel about working remotely? Is it the right thing for you, but you need to work on a healthy work-life balance? Find your perfect garden office at

Multi room log cabins – a great option for expanding living space outdoors


Log cabins are available in different shapes and sizes. You can choose a small and cosy log cabin for storage or, alternatively, you can also invest in a large multi-room log cabin and set up a garden office or a gym. Have you ever thought about expanding your living space outdoors? Maybe an extra bedroom, a kid’s playroom or an outside kitchen in your garden is exactly what your family needs! If you have been thinking about investing in a log cabin, keep reading to find out how to make the most out of it!


A Hobby room

A multi-room log cabin is a perfect place for hobbies. Do you and your partner share the same hobby? Or maybe your kids or grandkids have a hobby that needs extra concentration and a quiet space? Who would get the spare room if everyone needs one?

A large multi-room log cabin will definitely resolve the issue! Just imagine – everyone having a separate room where to practice or relax. Moreover, what can be more satisfying than to paint or practice piano in the middle of your own garden on a sunny summer day?


A second home

If you have a small house, but you want to create a special gathering place for friends and family, a large log cabin can serve as your second home! Arranging a living room, a separate bedroom or even a home cinema room will soon make it become your family’s favourite place! This way you get a place where to organize birthdays and garden parties without having to invite people to your small home!


A spacious guest house

Do you often have overnight guests and you’re short on space for hosting them? Creating a temporary space for your guests would solve many problems and unpleasant situations for you and your family. A large log cabin with multiple rooms is perfect for this because you can not only set up two or more bedrooms, but also a living room and a kitchen. Thereby your guests will feel comfortable and will visit you more often!

To find the perfect log cabin for your property, you choose between various sizes and shapes. However, the larger the log cabin, the more options you have! With a multi-room log cabin, you can set up a second home or even a guest house in your own garden! Find the model of log cabin that’s perfect for you at

Turn your garden house into the ultimate garden SPA

You can use your garden house for different purposes and activities. A garden house can serve as a home office, a guest room or a kids’ playroom – no matter what the current needs of your family are, the extra living space at the bottom of your garden is a great investment. However, purchasing a garden house is not just about expanding the living area into your garden, a garden house can also help to carry out a very special project for you and your family – like setting up a garden spa & sauna, for example. Do you have a special garden house project on your mind? Keep reading to find out how to turn a garden house into a garden wellness centre.

Reduce your stress in your garden

Hydrotherapy offers many health benefits, such as reducing stress levels and relieving sore muscles. Unfortunately, the British weather is not suitable for bathing under the sky. However, if you wish to enjoy relaxing hydrotherapy procedures in your garden, you can install a hot tub in a garden house. A hot-tub garden house will provide you both the privacy and the relaxing environment.

How to create the appropriate environment? It all depends on you! If your goal is to create a relaxing zen space, decorate the room with lounge chairs, mood lighting, and maybe even a massage table! Don’t forget about music, indoor plants, and aromatherapy elements as well. If you plan to create a contemporary spa area, consider setting up a bar and a TV room.

Relax with Yoga

If you find a private spa room too expensive, you can relax in your garden house without additional expenses. One of the best ways to relax after a hard day at work is to do yoga. Whether you want to relax before sleep or to fight the stress, yoga relaxation techniques can help you a lot to unwind after a long day. All you need for practicing yoga at home is a yoga mat and a quiet space. If it is hard to find a quiet room in your home, then turn your garden house into your private paradise of meditation and relaxation. Maybe you have never thought about your garden house as a place to escape from daily stress, but it is the best place to recover your mental and physical health.

Whether you prefer an evening in a hot tub or a meditation session, a garden house is a perfect place to relax after a long day at work.  Are you looking for a garden house or do you have a bespoke design on your mind? Take a look at the range of luxury garden houses at or design your own one with the unique 3D-configurator!


Maximise your living space – use a wooden garage for storage!


Have you already used up all the empty space at home for storage? Looking for some storage solutions to expand your living space? Installation of corner shelves or other storage systems will provide you with a little extra storage space, while inbuilt storage systems will help you to organize your belongings but won’t help to expand your living space. And who would like to store camping equipment or Christmas decorations in the living room or bedroom? The most convenient storage solution for expanding your living space is to invest in an outdoor storage solution. If you are not keen on bulky metal storage sheds, the best option is to choose a wooden garage. Read on to find out more storage tips and tricks for wooden garages.

A lot of storage space

If you are using your garage for parking your car, there is still a lot of space left for storing bicycles, a scooter and a huge number of smaller belongings. However, no matter how big and spacious your wooden garage is, to have enough storage space, in the long run, you have to use the space in clever ways! What is the best space-saving storage advice for wooden garages? Use your space properly! Use the main area, the wall space and even the space over doorways! Equip your garage with shelving, cabinets and wall systems and you will find a place for everything! Don’t forget about hooks, baskets, and bins as well, to maximally increase the available storage options!

Small storage spaces

It is also possible that your car takes the most of the space in your garage. Don’t worry – even the tiniest space in a wooden garage can be used for storage. You just need to think about creative storage solutions to use all the space in your garage! How to make the most of your space in a small garage? Take your time to find the right place for everything! Install ceiling drawers or pegboard shelves for your tools and purchase a folding work table, for example.

Do you still need more storage space? Equip your garage with an overhead garage storage rack. Therefore, you can store your belongings above your car! This storage solution will definitely maximize your garage space!

Lugarde offers a wide range of wooden garages that are suitable for storage. Moreover, you can use our 3d-configurator to modify a garage model you like, adjusting the size and thus the amount of storage space you need. Choose your wooden garage at

Austrian winter holiday feeling at home – build a log cabin in your garden


Winter holidays in the Alps is an unforgettable experience. Everywhere you look you can see a true winter wonderland – snow-covered pine trees, snowy mountain peaks, and breathtaking scenery. What really makes the winter atmosphere in Austria so special, besides the stunning mountain scenery? Definitely the log cabins! Rustic log cabins perfectly complement the landscape, turning it into a romantic winter wonderland. Have you ever thought about recreating this Austrian winter holiday feeling at home? Host an afternoon tea party by the fireplace in your log cabin for your friends and family! Keep reading and find out how to turn a log cabin into a cozy living space!

Classic style log cabins

Everyone recognizes the classic style log cabins with the overlapping corner connections and an apex roof. These features of traditional log cabins create a rural look and feel. If you’d like a modern log cabin look, you might choose a flat roof log cabin with a side canopy. Both classic and modern style log cabins are extremely versatile wooden structures – you can turn your log cabin into a gym, a home office, and even a guest house!

Log cabin interiors

Whether you prefer a classic style log cabin or a modern log cabin, in order to recreate a certain feeling, it is important to pay attention to the interior. If you want to turn your log cabin into a traditional winter wonderland style log cabin, choose materials like stone and wood that can help to create the rural feel. Think about appropriate design elements like a fireplace, cozy sofa, and even a dining table! What else do you need to create a winter holiday feeling? Think about turning your log cabin into a sauna!

What atmosphere would you like to create in your log cabin? Would you like to turn your log cabin into a cozy living area or into a modern log cabin bar?  Take a look at our extensive range of log cabins at and find the right one for your garden! Would you like to design your own log cabin? Discover our unique 3D-Configurator!

Ein Gartenhaus als verlängertes Wohnhaus


Heutzutage hat fast jeder ein Gartenhaus. Inzwischen gibt es neben klassischen Modellen auch sehr moderne Entwürfe mit geradlinigen Formen. Auch bei den Farben ist vieles möglich, so wirkt eine Kombination in Grau und Weiß sehr dezent und stilvoll. Ein kleines Gartenhaus mit Flachdach ist eine passende Ergänzung zum Neubau im industriellen Stil.

Für alle Liebhaber von extra viel Stauraum bietet sich ein großes Gartenhaus mit Satteldach an. Bei einem Gartenhaus geht man automatisch davon aus, dass es in einer Ecke im Garten steht oder in der Nähe der Auffahrt zum Haus. Allerdings gibt es auch die Möglichkeit Ihr Gartenhaus als Anbau an das Wohnhaus zu setzen. Hierdurch schaffen Sie extra Wohnfläche.

Ihr Gartenhaus – wofür nutzen Sie es?

Die erste Antwort ist sicherlich, dass im Gartenhaus alle Fahrräder, Gartenmöbel und Gerätschaft untergebracht werden sollen. Neben diesem praktischen Zweck gibt es viel mehr Nutzungsmöglichkeiten. Ihr Gartenhaus kann auch als Werkstatt oder Arbeitsplatz dienen. Sie können ungestört Ihre Arbeit erledigen oder ein Hobby ausüben. Den hierfür benötigten Zubehör lassen Sie einfach im Gartenhaus liegen.

Ein Gartenhaus kann so ausgestattet werden, dass Sie es ganzjährig nutzen können. Richten Sie Ihr Blockhaus wohnlich ein und Sie haben ein extra Wohnzimmer geschaffen. Mit großen Doppeltüren ist die Verbindung zum Garten geschaffen. Eine Veranda bietet Schutz vor der Sonne. Sie werden sich schnell an dieses gesellige Gartenhaus gewöhnen.

Ein Gartenhaus als Anbau

Auch dies ist eine Möglichkeit um extra Wohnraum zu schaffen. Falls Sie ein Gartenhaus direkt an Ihr Haus anbauen möchten sollten Sie sich zunächst beim örtlichen Bauamt nach den Vorschriften erkundigen.

Ein Gartenhaus aus Massivholz das gut isoliert ist kann ein wunderschöner Wintergarten sein oder ein Büroraum mit Blick in den Garten. Spielen Sie mit dem Gedanken einen solchen Anbau zu planen? Der natürliche Charakter von einem Blockhaus schafft direkt die Verbindung zum Garten. Bei einem auf Maß geplanten Gartenhaus bieten sich viele individuelle Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten.

Bei Lugarde finden Sie ein großes Sortiment an Gartenhäusern, auch als Maßanfertigung. Speziell hierfür gibt es den online 3D-Konfigurator in dem Sie Ihr individuelles Gartenhaus zusammenstellen können. Auch auf Maß entworfene Anbauveranden und Ferienhäuser sind lieferbar. Interesse? Lassen Sie sich vom Kundenservice beraten. Auf der Webseite von Lugarde finden Sie bereits viele Informationen sowie den aktuellen Katalog

Welche Isolationen gibt es für mein Gartenhaus?


Zunächst ist es wichtig, sich darüber im Klaren zu sein ob man sein Holz Gartenhaus isolieren sollte oder nicht. Nutzen Sie das Gartenhaus als Lagerplatz oder Fahrradschuppen? Dann ist eine extra Isolierung überflüssig.


Verbringen Sie viel Zeit in Ihrem Holz Gartenhaus weil es ein Hobbyraum ist? Übernachten liebe Gäste dort oder ist es der Rückzugsort den Ihre Teenager zum Chillen brauchen? Dann haben Sie Ihr Gartenhaus wohnlich eingerichtet. Und Sie möchten es auch in der kalten Jahreszeit als Wohn- oder Freizeitraum nutzen.


Eine Standheizung oder ein kleiner Ofen sind Optionen um ein Gartenhaus extra zu heizen. Hiermit sind auch extra Kosten verbunden. Isolation ist eine schlaue Möglichkeit um Wärme im Raum zu halten. Folgende Varianten sind denkbar:


  • Fußbodenisolation
  • Wandisolation
  • Dachisolation


Jede Isolation bietet Vorteile, wobei die Isolation des Fußbodens am häufigsten gewählt wird. Ihr Holz Gartenhaus steht auf Fundamentbalken. Darauf wird der Innenboden des Gartenhauses montiert. Bei Fußbodenisolation werden zusätzlich Thermoplatten verarbeitet. Diese sorgen dafür dass bei kalter Witterung und Frost die Kälte nicht direkt ins Gartenhaus aufsteigt.

Dachisolation warum?

Durch eine zusätzliche Dachisolation können Sie verhindern, dass die Wärme im Gartenhaus schnell an die Umgebung abgegeben wird. Die Isolation hält aufsteigende Wärme im Raum, sodass Sie nicht umsonst heizen. Auch bei Dachisolation werden Thermoplatten montiert um den gewünschten Effekt zu erreichen. Profitieren Sie hiervon extra Wärme, sparen Sie Heizkosten und verbleiben Sie auch im Herbst und Winter in Ihrem Gartenhaus, Hobbyraum oder Ruheort.



Diese Art der Isolation ist für alle Gartenhaus Liebhaber interessant die Ihr Gartenhaus auch während der kalten Jahreszeit permanent nutzen möchten oder müssen. Haben Sie sich ein Büro, einen Beautysalon oder einen Partyraum im Gartenhaus eingerichtet? Sollen dort regelmäßig Gäste und Familienbesuch übernachten? Oder haben Sie Ihre eigene Wellness Oase mit Sauna und Umkleide geschaffen? Dann möchten Sie auch im Winter nicht frieren. Entscheiden Sie sich deshalb für extra Wandisolation.


Diese besteht aus Isolationsplatten und einer zusätzlichen Innenwand. So bleibt es im Inneren Ihres Holz Gartenhauses auch in der kalten Jahreszeit gemütlich warm. Sind Sie auf der Suche nach einem Gartenhaus mit Isolation? Dann finden Sie viele ansprechende Modelle auf

Log cabin assembly errors


A log cabin is a real eye-catcher for your garden and adds a welcoming touch. Log cabins are often used as an additional living room or even as a vacation home. However, when assembling a log cabin, please keep the following in mind. Below you will find the most common log cabin assembly errors and tips on how to prevent them.

Poor preparation

Based on the fact that you are reading this article, chances are that you will have fewer problems during assembly. Why? Because preparation is key. Read through recommendations, review the assembly instructions, and contact experts. Log cabin manufacturers are ready to help you and share their expertise.

Assembly without help

Generally, you would not build furniture by yourself. The same is true for assembling a large log cabin. Ask for help. It is best to assemble the cabin with two or more people. Family and friends are often happy to help.

Neglecting the foundation

The foundation needs to be level and adequate for the conditions of the ground below it. A good foundation is crucial for hassle-free assembly. If the foundation is inadequate, you will not enjoy your log cabin for long.

Outdoor storage of the log cabin kit

If you do not plan on building the log cabin right after delivery, it is very important to store the wood in a dry place. If the wood is exposed to rain for days or even weeks, assembly will be a disaster.

Not treating the wood

The wood should be protected against all weather conditions. Therefore, treating the wood is essential. It is recommended to protect the wood by impregnating it right after assembly, or preferably before assembly. It can then be stained as well. This provides additional protection and gives the cabin more character. A premium manufacturer will often give you the option of having your cabin treated in the factory. This saves you quite a bit of work during assembly.

Flat roof not waterproof

For log cabins with a flat roof, it is especially important that the roof is 100% waterproof. We recommend mounting EPDM rubber roofing material on the roof. Preferred manufactures always deliver this roofing material as part of the kit at no extra charge.

Finding the right model

For a wide assortment of log cabins in various sizes and models, please visit our website at .