Log cabin assembly errors


A log cabin is a real eye-catcher for your garden and adds a welcoming touch. Log cabins are often used as an additional living room or even as a vacation home. However, when assembling a log cabin, please keep the following in mind. Below you will find the most common log cabin assembly errors and tips on how to prevent them.

Poor preparation

Based on the fact that you are reading this article, chances are that you will have fewer problems during assembly. Why? Because preparation is key. Read through recommendations, review the assembly instructions, and contact experts. Log cabin manufacturers are ready to help you and share their expertise.

Assembly without help

Generally, you would not build furniture by yourself. The same is true for assembling a large log cabin. Ask for help. It is best to assemble the cabin with two or more people. Family and friends are often happy to help.

Neglecting the foundation

The foundation needs to be level and adequate for the conditions of the ground below it. A good foundation is crucial for hassle-free assembly. If the foundation is inadequate, you will not enjoy your log cabin for long.

Outdoor storage of the log cabin kit

If you do not plan on building the log cabin right after delivery, it is very important to store the wood in a dry place. If the wood is exposed to rain for days or even weeks, assembly will be a disaster.

Not treating the wood

The wood should be protected against all weather conditions. Therefore, treating the wood is essential. It is recommended to protect the wood by impregnating it right after assembly, or preferably before assembly. It can then be stained as well. This provides additional protection and gives the cabin more character. A premium manufacturer will often give you the option of having your cabin treated in the factory. This saves you quite a bit of work during assembly.

Flat roof not waterproof

For log cabins with a flat roof, it is especially important that the roof is 100% waterproof. We recommend mounting EPDM rubber roofing material on the roof. Preferred manufactures always deliver this roofing material as part of the kit at no extra charge.

Finding the right model

For a wide assortment of log cabins in various sizes and models, please visit our website at www.lugarde.com .

The right wood for a summerhouse


Choosing the right kind of wood is important when buying a summerhouse, log cabin, gazebo, pavilion, garage or carport. Top quality wood is essential for making a top quality summerhouse. Before the summerhouse actually ends up in a garden, a an entire process comes first. First of all, the right type of wood needs to be chosen and treated so that it can function as the fold of a summerhouse or another wood product.

Hard or soft wood?


There is a huge variety of types of wood, which makes choosing very difficult! Deciding between hard and soft wood is the first and most important choice to make. A feature of hardwood is its high density, making it more difficult to treat. Since soft wood is easier to treat, it is the more popular choice when it comes to manufacturing a summerhouse. After this, it’s a question of choosing one of the many types of soft wood. The type of wood most commonly used for manufacturing summerhouses is pinewood from northern countries. These countries have a colder climate that adds to the quality of the pinewood. The cold climate ensures that the trees grow less quickly and the rings are more dense. The rings will be closer together, giving the pinewood its strong structure.

Guaranteeing the quality of the wood

The quality of the wood can be improved by drying it. We dry the wood in special drying chambers. Wood may shrink when exposed to the elements. To limit this, the wood is dried with a humidity of around 14-16%.  This also prevents cracks from forming as well as badly closing windows and doors.

What do you need to be aware of when it comes to wooden window frames and door frames?

Of course, an attractive summerhouse will also have windows and doors. A wooden summerhouse needs windows and doors with wooden frames. For the best quality summerhouse, this wood also needs to fulfil certain requirements. It is important that the wood is laminated. This means that the wood is not just comprised of one piece but out of many timber parts glued together. Another feature of this laminated wood is that the structure of the rings on each produced timber part is such that they point in opposite directions. This technique prevents the wood from bending. If you are also planning to build poles, make sure that they are laminated.

Choosing the right wood for outside flooring

If you decide on a covered gazebo with wooden flooring, it is important to choose hardwood for the flooring. Softwood quickly rots when it comes into contact with rainwater, which is why hardwood is always the better option when it comes to outside floors. Hardwood is more durable and rots less quickly when in contact with rainwater.

More tips for building your summerhouse

Suppliers of wooden summerhouses often provide tips about building and maintaining them. Interested? Lots of useful tips are available at https://www.lugarde.com/info/practical-tips/.