Make your log cabin ready for spring – tips to get your garden building prepared for the new season

When it comes to preparing your garden (including the garden buildings – log cabins, summerhouses, gazebos etc.) for the summer and winter, most of us know very well how and when to do it the best. However, we know a lot less about how to prepare log cabins for seasonal changes from winter to spring! Just as the gardening season, the log cabin season, with all the outdoor actives involved, can start in early spring when nature starts waking up from winter sleep. Would you like to find out how to get your log cabin ready for spring? Keep reading the article to find out the main tasks you should definitely do to make sure you’re prepared!

Log cabin spring cleaning

The first thing to do to prepare your log cabin for the upcoming outdoor springtime activities is to clean up everything that’s left behind over the winter. First, start with the indoor maintenance – sweep the cobwebs, clear out the dust, clean the windows and let the sunshine in! Meanwhile, don’t forget to organise all of the staff that’s been accumulated during the winter – find a place for the snow shovels, winter boots and other things that you won’t be using during the spring and summer. Secondly, take the spring cleaning outdoors and clean the gutters, getting rid of all the dead leaves that have accumulated during the winter.

Painting the log cabin and repairs

When the spring cleaning is done, you will be able to notice if the winter has left any damage on your log cabin. Take your time to inspect the log cabin base, the roof, the doors and the windows. Perhaps it’s necessary to change a damaged window, replace a damaged roof shingle or repair the foundation. Spring is also the right time to carry out any cosmetic repairs that you have been planning for your log cabin – treating the structure with a fresh coat of paint, building a garden path leading to your log cabin or installing a new weather wane on the roof!

Spruce up your garden

When your log cabin is all set up, take your time to spruce up your garden to set it up for the rest of the year! Plant some early spring flowers, fix the fence or redo the flower beds. Maybe you have a garden DIY project idea in mind that you have been waiting to carry out? If so, spring is the right time for it!

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